Ronald P. Denk, CFP®
Founder and President

Like many forward-thinking planners, Ron Denk loves the challenge of finding new and better ways to go about the business of creating wealth and reducing risks. He is constantly searching for innovative ways to provide excellent service and competitive investment portfolios for his clients because he believes that financial success depends upon greater effort, higher quality research, and a set of skills which require a vigilant approach to tactical portfolio management. In short, Ron takes a ‘Warren Buffet’ approach to investing – Rule #1: Don’t lose money, and Rule #2: Remember Rule #1!

While doing graduate work at the University of Wisconsin Ron discovered what would become not merely a career, but a way of thinking about life. What we now call ‘Financial Planning’ had its founding among people like Ron who saw that the concepts of investing and wealth management could be substantially de-mystified by applying guidelines that balance needs, goals and financial protection. He earned the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) in 1989.

In addition to managing the portfolios of individual clients, for the past 25 years Ron has presented workshops to many employee groups on the topics of preparing for retirement and the retirement lifestyle, and investing with common sense. These workshops were conducted for a broad range of clients including US Bankruptcy Courts, US Department of Justice, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, IBM, AT&T, US West / Quest (now Century Link) and a number of other large and small companies. He is also a frequent to industry groups on techniques for optimizing investment portfolios and has been a frequent speaker at the annual National Football League ‘Premier Retreat’ in Las Vegas.


Ron formed an Investment Advisory Company in 1991, which enabled him to offer discretionary investment advice to clients. Currently, as part of the team at Denk Strategic Wealth Partners, Ron relies on a top-notch staff as well as the critical analytical contribution of his brother Tony.

Ron is also a Branch Manager offering investments through Lincoln Financial Securities.

When not studying investor behavior and refining investment techniques, Ron enjoys playing jazz piano and scuba diving. He and his wife Patricia count their blessings which include their eight (combined) children and twenty grandchildren.