Below are the words that appeared on one of the cards we got a few years ago. We enjoyed them then and love to revisit them each Christmas season. We hope you will enjoy them too!  Thanks for being in our lives this past year and for your cards, letters, e-mails, phone calls, and ‘visits’.

The older I get… the closer I feel to old friends as I write my Christmas cards and letters…

The more I cherish the ‘oldest’ ornaments on the tree… the more fondly I remember Christmases past… 

The longer I hold on to a holiday ‘hug’, the more I realize Christmas is a matter of the heart and the tighter my throat gets when I sing “Silent Night”…

The more I enjoy ‘giving’ than receiving… the more I try to see Christmas through the eyes of a child…  

The longer I sit at night in the ‘glow’ of the Christmas tree… the more wondrously beautiful the Christmas story is and the deeper my awe at ‘God’s’ infinite love…

The More I Love Christmas!

All of us at Denk Strategic Wealth Partners wish you and your families a Joyous Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Terrific New Year!!!


Ron’s Market Minute – End of the Month, Year, Decade

Markets tend to be pretty quiet at the end of December, as the market players take time off to be with their families. And as we will do, as well. 

Stocks have been quiet lately but the bulls have moved slowly higher. The soft middle of December seems to have missed us this year- thank goodness! 

A year ago, in December, stocks were breaking down through critical price levels, and a vicious selling wave hit markets (most likely caused by some poor judgement on the part of the FED). It turned out to be the worst December since 1931, and one of the nastiest selling waves of the past 100 years. During ten straight days the S&P* closed lower than where it opened. Fixed income was ok, but almost no security escaped the downslaught. 

We don’t exactly have the opposite today, but we are certainly moving in the direction of a strong uptrend. The ‘melt-UPS’ I have been expecting seem to be coming home. The nay-sayers are taking a breather. The aggressive parts of the US market are headed up, the international stocks (as a whole) are heading up, and even Emerging Markets appear to be joining the party. 

Soon it will be time to reset our calendars and start over with the opportunities of another new year.  For now, however, we are thankful for another year, and another decade. We are privileged to work with a wonderful group of families, and grateful for the trust you have put in our organization. 

Take time to enjoy the Christmas and Hanukkah Holidays with your families, and we will look forward to serving you in 2020. 

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